About FilmFixer

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.48.31FilmFixer is run by Andrew Pavord and Karen Everett, from our offices in Southwark. Our first priority is to protect residents, securing the respect of film crews. We negotiate to ensure residents and traders benefit fully from the advantages of filming in their neighbourhoods.

This includes payment when appropriate, direct donations to resident and business groups, local parks and playgrounds and neighbourhood centres; arranging residents’ and traders’ meetings and Q&A evenings with film makers; securing jobs on productions; and securing training and work placements for local young people.

We manage filming access across the breadth of London’s settings – from iconic landmarks to cult gems. Our committed, creative team negotiates across all control requirements, from parking, road and property access to resident outreach. Through our efficiencies, we increase revenues for client boroughs, while reducing costs.

With our keen local knowledge, we are passionate advocates for London’s comprehensive locations portfolio.

Twenty-three London boroughs, the UK cities Bristol and Cardiff, and Atlanta, Georgia in the US, also employ our popular film management software platform, FilmApp.

Join us on Twitter @FilmFixerUK and Facebook facebook.com/filmfixer. For media and marketing enquiries please contact Lise Colyer on lise@filmfixer.co.uk. For any resident concerns please contact our 24-hour helpline 07919 002 115.

How do we help? Here’s an example
“Thanks to your help, thanks to the filmmakers behind Legend and Kingsman: The Secret Service, two of our trainees then went on to work on Mission Impossible 5 for three months, earning £100 a day.

Without that help and the location community funding that FilmFixer generously assigned to our Lottery funded programme “Youth film & Media Skills & Employment Training Course”, the trainees could not have succeeded half as well as they did.

All our trainees were inspired by the first visit from Andrew Pavord and Vicki Allen of Calltime Company, which Vicki then built on with her two short training courses on how to work as runners and marshals. The inclusion of inspirational speakers who had worked their way up from runners to directors in the industry, made a terrific impact on all the trainees.

The follow-up calls to work sealed the deal and we had a group of confident and reasonably competent young people who were then able to respond to a substantial paid filming commission for their annual big fun day event for the Ethelred Tenants Management Organization; as well as to a range of other paid local filming jobs.

All these trainees achieved paid work placements within nine months of the course; 90% worked as marshals and runners on at least two feature films. Eighty per cent of our trainees have progressed on to opportunities including the following: further or higher education in foundation art, stage and film technical lighting, filming West Ham FC for Sky Sports, independent filming for youth mental health group, editing the WellLondon Vauxhall Gardens Estate documentary, interior retail designer for 198 Gallery, cameraman for Creative Sparkworks commissions for Ethelred Estate and Vauxhall Gardens Estate, director for Healthy Minds anti-bullying childrens’ training film, volunteer for youth and community work for Southbank Mosaics Waterloo.”

– Sylvia Edwards, Lambeth-based Creative Sparkworks